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VIDEO: These BI Professionals Can’t Believe Their Eyes – Will You?

An Englishman whispered, “This is amazing!”

An American laughed in astonishment.

A Frenchman proclaimed, “Son of a B*%$#!”

How will YOU react when you see how Octopai’s automated metadata discovery and data lineage platform can save your business intelligence (BI) team days, weeks, and even months of work?

We understand what it’s like to be a frustrated, overworked BI professional. Octopai was founded by two of them. Looking for elusive metadata scattered across different BI systems within your company is not like looking for a needle in a haystack. No, that would be simple  compared to what BI professionals are actually asked to do. It’s like looking for a specific type of needle in four different piles of thousands of other needles. It’s exhausting, infuriating and the fact that BI is doing this manually is kind of insane.

As BI professionals ourselves, we know the routine, and we’ve had enough. Haven’t you? All the tedious searching that you always thought should be automated, now is! The (manual) search is over and BI automation is here.  Forget about manually tracing data to discover the origin of a data error. Forget about doing impact analysis on the fly.

Octopai is a centralized, cross-platform metadata search engine that enables BI teams to quickly discover and govern shared metadata, and to do so accurately. You have to see it to believe it. And even once you see it, you probably STILL won’t believe it.

Click here to schedule a demo  and see how Octopai automation is empowering BI groups everywhere. We can’t wait to see how YOU’RE going to react.

Octopai, where were you when I needed you? A Frustrating BI Story from the Field

Octopai’s Customer Success Manager, Irit, used to be a BI Developer at a large telecom company. The developers at the company took turns being on call at night every few weeks just in case there were any data processing failures that needed urgent attention. At 3:00 a.m. one Monday morning, she got the call she dreaded – a failure in one of the ETL processes. This one was big because it had to do with employee salaries – and if she didn’t find the error source by Thursday, not one of the 3,000+ employees would get paid.

She searched and searched and couldn’t find the error. She interrogated her co-workers but no one had any answers. Each night for several nights in a row, she got the same call at 3:00 a.m. because the process kept failing. On the final day, she and her co-workers decided to go through each row of data related to salaries, one by one, until they found the error. It took 24 hours of excruciatingly mundane work, but they finally found it.

But what was the real kicker? What had caused the error? Oh, you know, a co-worker had created a field for number of errors, and assuming that that number would never be larger than 9, he created the field to support only one digit. Well, that week there happened to have been more than nine errors and so, the whole process failed. Irit and her team saved the day and the employees got paid, but she says that this was one of the worst weeks of her life and she’ll never, ever forget it.

If this telecom company had been using Octopai for metadata management, Irit and her team could have seen the data lineage mapped out before their eyes in seconds, and found the error in minutes, not days. Not only would she have saved a week of work, but many precious hours of sleep too.  

Does Irit’s story sound like something you’ve experienced in BI? Then it’s time to say “Enough is enough!” and join the #BI_Rise movement.

Schedule a demo today and say “bye bye” to BI frustration. #BI_Rise

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