Octomize AI

Introducing Octomize, a revolutionary AI agent for augmenting data teams.

Octomize empowers data teams with a real-time, unified workspace that automates, optimizes, and interprets SQL scripts while providing immediate insights into data lineage. Octomize allows users to mitigate risks, increase efficiency, and make data strategy more actionable than ever before.

A Unified Workspace for SQL Query Management

Octopai is your data management workspace where data lineage visualization and advanced SQL query manipulation coexist, streamlining the entire process of data engineering and decision-making. Welcome to the powerful combination of Live Lineage and Octomize, a unique, cost-saving, and highly efficient solution built specifically for data teams.

Live Lineage Visualizations

Live Lineage offers real-time parsing and dynamic visualization of SQL scripts, mapping the entire journey of your data—from sources and transformations to targets. Live mapping not only enables “seeing” your data; it’s about understanding and navigating the intricate relationships and dependencies within your data ecosystem in real-time.

Now, add Octomize’s generative AI technology into your workspace, and your data management is even more powerful. Octomize isn’t just automating; it’s intelligent automation. It auto-corrects syntax errors, optimizes performance, handles system migrations, and even simplifies complex SQL queries into plain language; it’s like having an expert analysis assistant who is fluent in both “data” and “business” languages.

Visualize and fix scripts in real-time
Perform complex actions with predefined prompts
AI Script Interpreter and Insights is your script Engineer empowering you to build or migrate scripts seamlessly. Migrate scripts from legacy formats to new systems.
Democtracize your data by enabling data knowledge to your entire organization.

Octomize Capabilities:

Query Fixing

Octomize’s corrects and enhances SQL syntax, elevating the standard of your code script. When integrated with Live Lineage’s real-time visualization, the value amplifies. You’re not just fixing a query; you’re making data-driven decisions on how that fix impacts the entire data ecosystem.

Query Optimization

Octomize optimizes your SQL queries, shaving off valuable milliseconds or even seconds from execution time. Pair this with Live Lineage’s dynamic lineage mapping, and you can see, in real-time, how these optimizations ripple across your data flows.

System Migration

System transitions are complex, but Octomize simplifies the script migration process by adjusting for compatibility. Live Lineage, in sync, reveals how this change will interact with your current data setup.

Query Interpretation

The ability of Octomize to simplify SQL queries into plain language is revolutionary on its own, democratizing data access. Couple this with Live Lineage’s dynamic visualizations, and suddenly non-technical stakeholders are not just understanding data, they are understanding its contextual role in a complex data landscape.