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In the Healthcare sector, trust and reliability are everything
Health care data incorporates a long list of categories, none of which can be inaccurate as that data moves through ingestion, processing, and reporting. Whether it’s patient data on conditions, medications, and procedures, or operational data tracking your facility and staff, the reports and insights have incredible value – and profound risk if that data isn’t used correctly. There’s no wiggle room or flexibility; whether answering patient, clinician, management, or insurance inquiries, creating reports, ensuring regulatory compliance
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The Challenges
What’s behind that report?
Your Data team has three primary wide-ranging responsibilities:
  • Deliver ironclad financial reports with which management can make business decisions.
  • Collect, filter, and organize financial data, and deliver a result that encapsulates – and essentially hides – the complexity behind it.
  • Determine that back office data’s lineage to confidently assert that it’s accurate: As data arrives, updates, and is replaced – all the while flowing through multiple systems – this complicated, dynamic stream of metadata is virtually impossible to track manually through a matrix of code and database definitions.
Whether the “answer” provided by your team is about medical history, diagnosis, prognosis, medications, insurance and payment, imagery, or facility management efficiency, your recipient simply assumes that with data modernization in insurance, the data is sourced and accurate. And that’s often a problematic assumption to make.
Before you make that change...
With each update to application code or database structure, you risk triggering an unintended “Butterfly Effect” of errors and miscalculations. The implications go way beyond embarrassment and frustration; when specific regulations require strict adherence to data management, failure to conduct airtight impact analysis can be disastrous. Until you can identify the source of your data, track its integration into other content, and understand what transformations followed, those changes should worry even the most confident data expert.
Every Data team has to answer questions about their reports:
Let's Remove All The Question Marks
Octopai helps you to transform your data into valuable information by creating cross-platform collaborations and clear mapping of all your data elements

Our Solutions

Get your arms around your data

Just like the octopus, which has an independent brain in each of its arms, our solution helps you keep tabs on all the “moving parts” of your data assets by analyzing metadata and cataloging it. Your one source of truth is company-wide, consistent, and always traceable.

Octopai lets you focus on your real goals – not time-consuming, manual exploration of your data environment – offering insights in three different ways:

Data Lineage

Gain end-to-end visibility from the data’s entry point into the landscape, through the ETL, database and reporting system.

Data Catalog

Instant, user-friendly data reference across your organization: immediate answers, relieving your Data Team of ongoing requests.

Data Discovery

Search and locate any of your data across multiple systems, instantaneously.
Why healthcare companies choose us?
The Deep Dive to Data Flows
Octopai’s metadata analysis captures the three types of lineage you need to truly understand, and then discuss, your data:

Cross-System Lineage

Provides end-to-end lineage at the system level from the entry point into the data landscape, all the way to reporting and analytics.

End-to-End Column Lineage

View column to column-level lineage between systems from the entry point into the data landscape, all the way through to reporting and analytics.

Inner-System Lineage

Details the column-level lineage within an ETL process, report, or database object.
An Automated, Three-pronged Approach to Reliability
After an effortless, no-professional services installation, Our cloud-based, autonomous platform tracks metadata across systems. It tracks each step of the data life cycle, mapping out its journey from entry point to current utilization.
The three essential drivers for no-compromise reporting and root cause or impact analysis:


Manually tracing banking data lineage (even if that were possible to achieve) takes so long that the answers are often no longer current by the time they are presented.


With multiple interlaced data sources, databases, and applications, it’s critical to spot each reference and dependency, to avoid a single mistake that can trigger a waterfall of errors and confusion.


Even the most quickly generated, elegantly compiled, data-rich report isn’t worth sharing if you cannot explain where the data came from and what calculations yielded your conclusions.

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