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Migration & Upgrades

Migrating data systems is a significant challenge for any organization. To streamline data migration and ensure that both source and destination systems are compatible and that data can be integrated, organizations need to identify and eliminate any processes that are no longer in use, no longer relevant, or based on legacy data.

A thorough review of existing data management processes should be conducted to identify these processes, along with any duplicates and dependencies. The migration of these processes should be planned carefully to ensure that all necessary processes have been successfully migrated, with timing and performance monitored to ensure success.

The successful migration of these processes requires careful planning and monitoring to ensure accurate data management and informed decision-making.

With Octopai:

Octopai’s platform simplifies the preparation process for migrating by removing manual work and reducing errors. Its visual data lineage tools display relevant ETL processes and highlight sources that are obsolete or targets that are no longer in use, making it easy to identify and analyze processes. The relationships between different data sources are clearly visible, helping the data team simplify the migration process. The comparison feature enables the team to easily see what has been migrated and what is missing, ensuring a seamless migration.