Create company-wide consistency with a self-creating, self-updating data catalog featuring built-in data lineage and collaboration. Provide your data citizens with independence in understanding and locating data they can trust, enabling fast and accurate business decisions. 

Maximize the Value of Data

Stay Up-To-Date

Data assets automatically harvested from the entire data landscape, regardless of the type of environment or vendor, ensure an always up-to-date inventory of assets that never gets stale.

Full Visibility Into the Data Journey

Integrated Data Lineage XD, featuring three levels of automated lineage, enables seamless visibility into the processes and sources involved in creating the data, and where it is being used.

Preserve Tribal Knowledge

Built-in collaboration and in-context discussions create documentation of tribal knowledge, eliminating repetitive communication while curating and preserving valuable organizational assets.

Empower Your Data Citizens

Self-Service BI

Enabling users with true self-service BI by creating transparency into what data is available, where it can be found, what it represents, and who is responsible for it. Users become independent to create reports and analytics accurately and on time.

Boost Use of Data

Empowering Business and other data consumers to better understand the reports and analytics they are using and what else is available. This increases the use of the data and enables users to derive the most value from the data.

Supercharge Data Science Projects

Data Science, ML and AI projects speed up by having one source of the truth about the data.

By nature, these projects consume diverse data that gets uncovered as the project progresses. The data catalog enables all involved to make accurate and fast decisions about their project, speeding up the process and improving accuracy.


Cut Time-to-Value from Data while Increasing Accuracy

Data professionals spend a lot of their time on intake and understanding of data consumers’ inquiries such as where data can be found, what it represents, and how it can/should be used. Trying to locate the subject matter specialist takes ages and the knowledge exchanged between the users is often lost. Octopai’s data catalog bridges the gap between data consumers and users by creating one source of the truth, enabling users to independently use data while freeing data professionals to do the job they were hired to do.

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