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Robust data visibility, from day one

Get Complete Visibility

Octopai 's Data Lineage XD provides the most complete view of the most complex data environments. Along with Data Discovery and a Catalog, data environments are finally visible.

Provide Immediate Value

With Octopai's effortless and quick set up, simple UI, and outstanding support, you can start providing value to clients within days and not months like with most of our competitors.

Reduce End-Client Costs

When understanding the impact of a change takes seconds instead of days, migration plans are clear and not chaotic, the end-client's costs are significantly lower.


Collaborating with Octopai enables consultancies to build trust quickly and effortlessly. Provide immediate value to your clients by demonstrating the ease with which you can transform their complex metadata landscape into a useful connection graph.

Service Partners

Beyond collaborating, service partners take a more active role in their marketplace and provide onboarding and first-level support to Octopai customers in their local market.

Technology Partners

Octopai works with like-minded Technology Partners where joint solutions can provide a significantly enhanced value proposition to enterprise customers.

As Trusted Advisors with Octopai, You Will…

  • Expand your data practice
    • Uncover and scope new projects quickly
    • Accelerate project delivery
    • Effortlessly and immediately discover data assets
  • Revolutionize visibility around existing data tools
  • Reduce reliance on client resources
  • Promote trust between:
    • Consultancy Data Team
    • Data Team Business Users

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