The Universal Connector

As data demands are ever-evolving, data teams are always searching for a better understanding of their data ecosystem. The need for analysis and visualization of systems is growing and Octopai is constantly expanding its extensive coverage for out-of-the-box supported technologies.

The Solution

This is why Octopai has developed the Universal Connector, empowering you to add your metadata from these types of systems into Octopai’s Data Intelligence platform to get the full picture – complete lineage, data discovery and a data catalog.

You get unlimited ingestion capabilities to enrich the platform with additional lineage, allowing you to add the final piece of the puzzle and get full visibility of your data ecosystem.

This flexibility allows you to adapt quickly to your changing data landscape, and consistently get a complete view regardless of what data systems you’re using.

The Benefits

No blind spots - perform changes with confidence 

Increased visibility of the organization's complete data ecosystem

Future proofing your expanding data landscape by providing access to unlimited data systems

Get a clear picture of data transformations

What you do

Use the Octopai template to ingest your metadata into the platform. The rest is fully automated. 

What we do for you

This metadata, along with the metadata automatically ingested from out-of-the-box supported systems, is analyzed using machine learning. In turn Octopai provides you with complete data lineage, discovery and catalog.