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Change Impact Analysis

Data management teams in large organizations face a multitude of challenges that can hinder their ability to manage and utilize data effectively. 

The lack of visibility into their entire data landscape makes it difficult to gain a comprehensive view of all data sources, systems, and processes leading to difficulties in data management and governance and resulting in suboptimal decision-making and reporting based on incomplete or inaccurate data.

Impact analysis, where teams struggle to assess the potential impact of changes to data systems and processes on other parts of the organization, can lead to unintended consequences and negatively impact business operations.

Integration and collaboration with other departments lead to silos of information and suboptimal data-sharing practices. Teams must work to break down these silos and foster collaboration to ensure data is shared and utilized effectively across the organization.

With Octopai:

See the lineage of what will be impacted in seconds when changing a field, table, or object. Whether it’s data pipelines, PowerBI reports or OLAP cubes in Azure Analysis Services. Now you can do preventative disaster recovery before the disaster happens.