Implement Business Changes Pain-Free

A business needs to implement a new regulation that calls for companies to change HR headcount reporting from monthly to daily, both accurately and quickly, without business disruptions.

The Business Challenge

New regulation calling for companies to change HR headcount reporting from monthly to daily
must be implemented accurately and quickly, without business disruptions.

The BI Challenge

The BI group must quickly and accurately locate the formula calculating the headcount in reports,
database tables, ETL processes, views and stored procedures – without additional manpower. The
BI group must also understand all possible impacts of making the change.


In order to locate the specific calculation, BI had to manually map out the entire BI landscape.
With metadata scattered all over the place, this is a very time consuming and costly process, which
can require multiple development and design cycles before completing the change.

In one click, Octopai presents a complete, easy-to-understand map of all the ETL, database and reporting systems where the change must be implemented.

BI Groups are Empowered by Octopai Automation

Octopai enabled the BI group to make this change easily and accurately in a fraction of the time. Octopai’s cross-platform BI metadata search engine turns days of manual BI work into seconds.

• Easily and quickly map out the entire BI landscape – within 5 seconds see a detailed visual map
showing where this calculation is being made in every system

• Discover the exact ETL processes and tables that make up a report, with one click

• Show all BI objects related to the calculation instances throughout the entire BI landscape on one screen

• Implement the change much more quickly and accurately

Value to the Organization

• Cut the project cost by more than 50%

• BI groups completed the project faster than initially estimated

• Elimination of overtime hours or additional staff

• Zero business disruptions or production issues