It's time to move from manual work using silo tools to a single cross platform product



Search the entire BI landscape and get a 360 degree view of your metadata.


Easy to Start

No installation, no special training and no organizational process changes required.


Simply Search

Easily search for reports or references and view the complete data flow in seconds.


On the Cloud

Out of the box product and cloud-based, it's up and running within a day.

Metadata Management for the Whole BI Group


C-Level (CIOs, CDOs)

Leverage automated metadata management as part of your data management strategy for huge time savings


BI Managers & Data Governance Professionals

Significantly boost the BI group’s capacity, accuracy and efficiency


Data Architects, BI Developers, Data Engineers

Design, create or change new processes quickly and accurately to shorten the development cycle


Business Analysts, Data Analysts, Data Scientists

Easily discover metadata and get full data lineage in seconds to identify and fix reporting errors


Metro Trains
Tokio Marine
Farm Credit Services of America
Legal Services Society
Bank of Jerusalem

What's Being Said About Us

"Octopai, with its lineage comparison capability, is an invaluable tool to helping eradicate data inconsistency and provide trusted data in a world where most companies are now dealing with the complexity of multiple tools, scripts, and code being used to prepare and integrate data."

Mike Ferguson

Mike Ferguson, Managing Director

Intelligent Business Strategies

"This is ideal impact analysis"

Dave Wells, Director of Data Management

Eckerson Group

"Octopai has brilliantly engineered the preferred tool we BI guys have been looking for – an easy, smart, fast way to locate and extract enterprise metadata from all systems. And, do this in a DAY(s)…not WEEKS!"

Dave Palmer, Director Sales & Alliances

Datric Inc., IT

"What used to take us months is taking days with Octopai - we are literally able to finish everything 80% more quickly than before!"

Liat Ashkenazi

Liat Ashkenazi, BI Product Team Leader

888 Holdings, Gaming

"Octopai is the WAZE and the Google for our entire BI data management team."

Yevgeny Volpin, VP Data Systems

IDI, Cloud Insurance

"A centralized metadata solution is needed in order to be a successful data hunter-gatherer in the new complex world of data & analytics"

Claudia Imhoff Ph.D.

President, Intelligent Solutions, Inc.

"Octopai's product is revolutionary. You will never have numbers that don't match up - and you will never have to have an 'all hands on deck' situation ever again."

Ronen Binyamin, BI Manager

Egged, Transportation

"An excellent product that provides an easy way for mapping data flow end to end. It is an important and necessary product for any organization that values data accuracy."

Revital Mor, Head of BI

Harel, Insurance

"Octopai has transformed metadata management from a 'nice to have' to a 'must have'."

Gal Rimon, CEO

Game Effective, Gaming

"The entire BI team loves this product - long hours of manually tracing data and hitting frustrating dead ends is history now that we use Octopai."

Ronen Binyamin, BI Manager

Egged, Transportation

"We priced the mapping of system changes at 8 man-months. Octopai enabled us to find all the required changes in our IT systems swiftly and smoothly, and we finished in just 3 man-weeks. It was amazing."

Sharon Greenberg, Manager BI Department

CLAL, Insurance

"Octopai helps in democratization of the data landscape which in turn yields to an overall increased efficiency in the BI department. It's a must for any BI team."

Bala Venkatraman, BI Expert

"Octopai has become a mandatory tool for driving compound BI solutions. Whether investigating an incident root cause or evaluating the impact of a change, the entire BI group benefits with Octopai."

Jack Geron, CTO

That's It, IT Services

"Octopai helps BI Groups find and understand metadata within seconds. It's easy to use, incredibly accurate, and hands down the best investment for this field."

Asaf Bar, CEO

Eternity IT, IT Services

"Octopai saves us priceless time on an ongoing basis. It allows for efficient mapping when cross changes happen, extensive system health checks, and quick examination of hidden data."

Irit Barnea, Former Data Analyst

Cellcom, Telecom