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Build New Processes

Data teams need to consider a host of things when building new processes. From maintaining data quality to ensuring the accuracy, completeness, and consistency of data from various sources is a major challenge faced by those data teams.

Integrating new processes with existing systems and data sources can be complex and time-consuming. Data privacy and security is also a critical concern, and new processes must comply with data privacy regulations.

Data teams must also build processes that can scale to meet growing data volumes and changing business needs. Technical skills is another challenge, as building new processes often requires specialized technical skills that can be difficult to find and retain. Time and budget constraints add additional pressure to deliver new processes quickly and within budget, while effective change management is needed to ensure their adoption and success within the organization.

With Octopai:

Octopai’s data catalog enables data analysts to easily track relevant data assets. With one click, data teams can discover via lineage all related ETL processes and database tables used to produce any report. With Octopai teams can also envision future processes by using a visualization tool that allows them to see how the new process will be mapped throughout their lineage. A process that would normally take days to weeks, if not months, is solved in a fraction of the time.