Octopai performs the following three-step process:

1) Extracting and parsing all metadata types from each data platform

2) Reverse engineering and sophisticated recursion in order to understand the dependencies and cross-connections of the metadata objects in the various layers of each platform

3) Modeling and indexing metadata to create contexts among all the platforms, which enables high performance while getting results in a few seconds

Octopai’s sophisticated search engine is designed to search the BI landscape for the specific metadata required. The search results are presented in easy-to-read reports so you are able to see and understand the entire data journey clearly.

No, the product is very intuitive and can be used by everyone in the BI group without any special training – literally as simple as a Google™ search.

All you need to do is upload the metadata from the BI systems you would like Octopai to analyze (you can also use Octopai extractors to export the metadata files for you automatically).

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Data Governance is an umbrella term for a formal and systematic approach to maintaining a high quality of data within an organization. It includes data validation and cleansing as well as authorization, privacy and security issues where appropriate. It also defines the business accountability for data maintenance such as creation, changing, archiving, deleting, etc. to ensure an effective use of information to achieve business goals. Metadata management acts as a card catalog in a library and describes basic information about business data asset, which makes finding particular instances of data possible. It describes the properties, the behavior, and constraints of each data element in order to define the usage rules of data sets. Metadata also describes how and when and by whom a particular data set was created and what native format it resides.

The software is cloud-based and delivered immediately – upon activation of the user account. There is no physical shipment.

The software license is activated immediately after approval by the sales team.


The application administrator can add additional users upon request.
Access to Octopai’s product Technical and administrative support Initial training Minor periodical upgrades and updates
The license is associated with one VM, but can be accessed from multiple end-devices such as a laptop, home desktop, work desktop, etc.
You can continue using the product after the 1st year if you renew the subscription according to the terms and conditions specified.
Our customers have asked us to link the business value created to the amount of the metadata being loaded and its complexity. During the R&D process we found that the number of connections is an accurate representation of this principle.

Is your organization Octopied?

With effortless onboarding and zero implementation costs, Octopai is exceptionally user-friendly, minimizing people dependency and saving you time and money.