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Octopai And Demand Chain Ai Announce Strategic Partnership To Accelerate Digital Transformation

Battle Creek, Michigan — July 18, 2023 — Octopai, a global leader in data lineage and business intelligence automation, and Demand Chain AI, a pioneer in AI-driven demand forecasting and supply chain optimization, have today announced a strategic partnership. This collaboration aims to revolutionize the digital transformation journey for organizations by enhancing data understanding, streamlining supply chain processes, and offering superior data-driven insights.

The partnership combines Octopai’s ability to automate and centralize business intelligence metadata with Demand Chain AI’s robust forecasting and optimization capabilities. Together, these solutions are expected to deliver unparalleled visibility, agility, and control to supply chains and business intelligence departments in a wide range of industries.

“Demand Chain AI’s focus on data & analytics is encouraging, and provides a great place for Octopai to collaborate on their growing success with enterprises that are working to get better at leveraging their metadata to make better, data-driven decisions,” says Nissim Ohayon, Director of Global Business Development at Octopai.  “We are thrilled to be engaged with experts in the field, like Rick Davis and his team, and helping to bring value to end clients that can quickly find value in the centralization of their metadata in a platform that can easily share so many actionable insights.”

The synergy between Octopai’s metadata management and Demand Chain AI’s intelligent algorithms promises to provide businesses with a comprehensive, granular understanding of their operations and market dynamics. 

This joint solution is expected to enable organizations to respond faster to market changes, improve operational efficiency, and enhance their overall decision-making processes.

“Rick Davis, Founder and CEO of Demand Chain AI, said, “We are thrilled to combine our strengths with Octopai to bring an innovative solution to the market. This collaboration not only augments our capabilities but also propels our shared vision of empowering businesses with intelligent, data-driven insights.  As we continue to work with multiple clients, we see a consistent trend where organizations are struggling to improve their data quality and see that as one of the most common barriers to true value realization through digital transformation.  The Octopai solution delivers tremendous value very quickly by enabling improved data quality and data transparency.  Coupling our data experts, with this incredible solution, is a win-win for our clients.”

Both companies are committed to helping businesses harness the power of data and AI to drive innovation and improve their bottom line. With this partnership, Octopai and Demand Chain AI will set a new benchmark in creating a connected, transparent, and responsive digital enterprise.

About Octopai

Octopai is a leading provider of metadata management and business intelligence automation solutions. It enables organizations to easily understand and manage their data landscape, ensuring accuracy, consistency, and governance in decision-making processes. 

About Demand Chain AI

Demand Chain AI is a global leader in AI-driven demand forecasting and supply chain optimization. It helps businesses improve their efficiency and profitability by providing accurate demand forecasts, enhancing supply chain visibility, and enabling intelligent decision-making.  Demand Chain provides advanced analytics solutions and services across all points in the demand chain for both retailers and manufacturers!

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