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How Healthesystem streamlined Data Management with Octopai

Company Healthesystems
Industry Healthcare
Needs Expressed Healthesystems, a leader in healthcare management for workers' compensation, sought to improve data accessibility, lineage, and governance to enhance decision-making. Faced with complex healthcare data and inefficient manual data tracking, Cheryl Redding and her team recognized the need for a comprehensive solution to provide quick and reliable data access.
Benefits Realized Partnering with Octopai, Healthesystems implemented a data intelligence solution that led to over 80% reduction in time spent on data tasks, improved data accessibility and quality, and enhanced regulatory compliance. Octopai's automated data lineage and intuitive interface enabled efficient data management, allowing Healthesystems to focus on strategic initiatives and optimize operations, strengthening their industry leadership.

At a Glance

  • Healthesystems, a leading provider of healthcare management solutions for the workers’ compensation industry, investigated ways to improve  data accessibility, lineage, and governance, to increase  ability to make informed decisions rapidly.
  • Partnering with Octopai, Healthesystems implemented a comprehensive data intelligence solution, facilitating enhanced data discovery, lineage, and governance capabilities across their organization.
  • This collaboration has led to a significant reduction in time spent on data-seeking related tasks, enabling Healthesystems to focus more on strategic initiatives and improve their service delivery to clients.
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