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How Octopai’s Automatic Metadata Collection Can Save Your Business

How long does it take you to track how your data moves?

Days? Weeks? Months?

In conversations we’ve had with customers from across multiple verticals such as healthcare, banking, insurance, transportation, telecom and more, it has become very clear that business intelligence groups are spending more and more time on tracking, finding and understanding data and the metadata behind it. Some claim to be putting in more than 50% of their time on tracking the data movement process!

This is a huge red flag for organizations who rely heavily on the data they are struggling to even locate, and sends them in search of a solution for the long, tiring, costly and exhorting manual work of data mapping. They seek modern technologies to manage their data more quickly, more easily and more accurately.

This is where machine learning and automation come into play.


A loaded word indeed, but Octopai has totally automated the metadata collection process. Where other metadata management solutions still employ a manual collection process with an extended onboarding period that can take months to complete, Octopai’s technology enables us to be up and running for our customers within a day. What does that mean exactly?

It means that Octopai can actually be up and running within a day. There is zero time spent on collection, it’s all automatic. No preparation or maintenance required.

It’s really cool and is transforming the BI domain.

Let’s get technical

Step 1 – Click Download

All the customer needs to do is download and run Octopai thin client from our website.

Step 2 – Schedule Weekly Run

The customer then schedules the number of times they would like Octopai to automatically run per day, per week or per month. As the business is dynamic and changing all the time, repetitive automation is a must to ensure consistent and constant value.

The rest is on us.

Once extraction is complete, Octopai creates metadata files from each system, encrypts them, and automatically uploads them to a secure vault. We repetitively check systems for new information during our scheduled run, and whenever new metadata files are discovered, the vault triggers Octopai to upload them to the customer-dedicated secure server.

Octopai smart algorithms create cross-platform dependencies from customer metadata files, which are then stored in a centralized metadata repository that is continuously being monitored and updated with the most accurate customer information. These metadata files must go through modeling and indexing to ensure they are able to speak the same language (so to speak) when they reside in the repository.

At this point automatic metadata collection is complete, and the customer can continue enjoying the enormous benefits of using Octopai to discover and track the movement and its data.

Just some of the use cases for Octopai

Enterprises can expect quick time to value, an intuitive user interface, and an elastic pricing model based on the number of source systems. Our cross platform, SaaS product enables organizations to focus on the meaning of the data, not the maintenance of it.

Customers use Octopai for the following:

GDPR Compliance

Implement Business Changes


Project Estimation


System Migration

Build New Processes

Product Installation

Product Testing


Fix Reports

Fix Broken Processes

Search Calculations

The list goes on and on…

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Is your organization Octopied?

With effortless onboarding and no implementation costs, Octopai’s data intelligence platform gives you unprecedented visibility and trust into the most complex data environments.