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Top 10 Metadata Management Influencers, Sites, and Blogs You Must Follow in 2021

Aptly named, metadata management is the process in which BI and Analytics teams manage metadata, which is the data that describes other data. In other words, data is the context and metadata is the content. Without metadata, BI teams are unable to understand the data’s full story. Metadata management is the key that unlocks the entire data landscape. BI teams will have a better handle on their data’s history, its current status, and any changes it may have undergone. Without organized metadata management, the validity of a company’s data is compromised and they won’t achieve adequate compliance, data governance, or generate correct insights. Additionally, the BI team will have trouble pinpointing the cause of errors, leading to inaccurate reports. Strong metadata management enhances business intelligence which leads to more informed strategy and better performance. 

Top 10 sites, videos, or thought leaders that discuss metadata management in 2021

Donna Burbank

Donna Burbank is a Data Management Consultant and acts as the Managing Director at Global Data Strategy, Ltd. Her Twitter page is filled with interesting articles, webinars, reports, and current news surrounding data management. She tweets and retweets about topics such as data governance, data strategy, and data architecture.

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TDWI – David Loshin

David Loshin is another excellent thought leader that contributes to TDWI. He is the President of Knowledge Integrity, Inc and an expert in master data management, data quality, and business intelligence. He is also an author of many books that center around the best practices in business intelligence. His articles on TDWI deal with advice for analysts, customer data profiling, master data management technology, and machine learning. 

IRM UK Connects

This blog focuses on business analysis, strategy, enterprise data management, and upcoming events. The data management category touches upon new platforms, the structure of a good data team, and developing sound strategy. The blog is run by IRM UK, which focuses on IT training for businesses, management, and professionals. IRM UK teaches corporate professionals how to become more strategic and they offer events that center on technical explanations and advice for management.

TDWI – Dave Stodder

A noteworthy contributor to TDWI is Dave Stodder. He is the Director of TDWI Research for business intelligence. For over twenty years, Stodder has shared his valuable input when it comes to analytics, information management, IT management, and BI. His articles focus on topics including AI, data literacy, data catalogs, compliance, and analytics.


TDAN stands for The Data Administration Newsletter. It is published by Robert S. Seiner and produced by Dataversity. The content on their site deals with categories such as: data management, data governance, data modeling, and data quality. When it comes to data management, they have a comprehensive list of articles that look deeper into the role of automation, data’s life cycle, and common data management mistakes. 

Forbes Technology Council

The Forbes Technology Council is essentially a database of articles written by top CIOs, CTOs and technology executives. Membership to submit articles requires a fee and it is invitation-only. Topics range from analytics, trends in technology, and general business advice. If you are looking specifically for data management articles, they are organized under the sub-topic here


Datanami is a portal that posts about the latest news and updates when it comes to big data. They follow data trends and report on upcoming technologies within storage, applications, and networking. The website is broken into different sectors, including government, healthcare, manufacturing, and science. There are also sections related to specific applications, like data mining, artificial intelligence, and analytics.


Dataconomy is another news portal that covers events, updates, and opinions on technology that is data-driven. Contributors to the site are well-known in the industry and provide advice and insights on emerging trends. Dataconomy explores topics, such as AI, the future of data, and analytics. There is also a ‘conversations’ category that features interviews with data management professionals and experts in the field. 

TDWI: Analytics and Data Management Discussion Group

This LinkedIn group is an open space for networking and discussions surrounding data management, business intelligence, and analytics. Every day, members post about upcoming webinars and share their latest articles. The group is also a place to ask for feedback, bounce ideas, and see how other data professionals are handling the same issues and obstacles. 

Intricity 101

This is a YouTube channel managed by Intricity, a data company that partners with businesses to better understand how data works and how to best utilize it. Their videos deal with topics such as data warehousing, data management, and business intelligence. Within the data management space, they offer explanations of data management maturity, master data management, top ten mistakes in data management, and an overview of data management.

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