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Reaching Enormous ROI in Seconds? Yep.

If you are a project manager struggling with BI reporting and metadata diversity, let me show you how you can save money and get a better ROI for your investment. In other words, how you can turn a BI crisis into a big opportunity.  

But don’t take my word for it – listen to this story:

A few months ago, Corella, a Telecom giant, faced with a denoting challenge while trying to identify data objects affected by a sudden growth of the web-browsing volume limit, which presented a new change to Corella’s business model. This happened because The Ministry of Telecommunications (the regulator) decided to induce more competitiveness in the market, and therefore improve the service level given to the end customer.

These data objects were hard to identify because of systems complexities and vertical, convoluted metadata management scheme.  Sound familiar? Don’t be surprised; it happens everywhere. Metadata in most organizations is treated vertically and only a few organizations have the vision to build the right architecture for metadata integration; so it’s a pervasive issue waiting to explode.

Oh the pain of manual labor!

With no viable alternative, Corella started a manual effort, conducted jointly by Operations and IT, estimated to take several months with a group of 3-4 people, to identify all the database tables, reports, and ETL processes as a prep effort to comply with the new business requirements. Remember that this requirement was decided by the Ministry of Telecommunications (the regulator); so Corella didn’t have much choice – they had to do it, or risk a huge fine.

This tedious, costly and error prone work presented zero business value aside from market compliance with the new business model change, and was viewed as a real drawback by the team that began searching for automated tools to reduce the time and effort associated with this challenge. This was about the time Corella discovered Octopai and installed their product on a trial basis to help alleviate the laborious effort and to expedite the time it took to plan the systems changes as required by the regulator.

Transforming BI

The installation was flawless and within a few hours provided the facility needed to conduct multiple platforms search for instant results.  That alone is an enormous ROI, but please keep reading, we’re just getting started.

After the conclusion of the initial effort, Corella presented a documented savings of an estimated 1500 work hours in a short search session that provided all information needed to start the modification and close the systems compliance loop. Now, if you cut 1,500 work hours off your project, that is roughly $135,000 of real savings, and if you estimate 4 projects of this size per year then the saving is up to $540,000. Considering the estimated investment in Octopai, you’re looking at a value proposition of over tenfold and I don’t have to tell you that that is a great ROI, no matter what you do with the tool after the initial introduction.

Since then, Corella expanded the use of Octopai to identify more technical issues/problems that the tool was able to surface quickly and effectively. But there are more benefits. During its brief introduction, the BI team was able to cut down the number of business reports from 150,000 to 7,000 actual active reports that were truly required by the business users. In just six months Octopai has grown from an environment of 3 connectors to 13 connectors, (a connector is the way Octopai communicates with the data server). This licensing growth is due to the viral nature of Octopai and the versatility to serve in parallel more than one business unit.

The technical team, using the tool, is quite optimistic regarding Octopai’s future proposition, and rapidly reorganizing the metadata environment and adapting it to new business challenges, as Corella moves to new innovative opportunities. Now you tell me if this is not an amazing value proposition for the BI team and for Corella.

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