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Octopai’s Amnon Drori featured in PCMag!

Your Company Collects Tons of Data: Now What?

Companies are collecting endless amounts of data, but few of them realize that more data doesn’t necessarily mean more value. To keep up with today’s data-driven culture, these companies just continue to collect and collect and collect, but they can’t do anything with their data without a proper data management tool.

PC Magazine interviewed our very own Amnon Drori about Octopai and the role of metadata in helping organizations understand and leverage their massive amounts of data. Very exciting times for Octopai!

“In order to make the most out of our data, we have to automate metadata management,” Octopai’s Drori says. “Data actually means nothing without metadata.”

Amnon talked to PCMag’s Ben Dickson about how companies are spending more and more time – some have reported more than 50% – just searching and processing the data they require. This is simply inefficient and just proves that automation in this space is an absolute necessity.

PCMag dedicated an entire section of the article entitled “Your Company Collects Tons of Data: Now What?” to metadata and its crucial role in finding, understanding and leveraging data.

“Metadata is the glue that holds all our data together and helps us align data sources so that we can understand our data and use it to make smarter decisions for our business,” Drori says.

“We all understand that data is the foundation of being a data-driven organization, and the critical role of metadata in all this is becoming widely recognized,” Drori says. “For so long metadata sat quietly, unharnessed, loosely managed—but today we realize that it is the key to leveraging data across every type of data process and is therefore the most important thing we have.”

We are very pleased to have been included in such an important and timely piece and encourage everyone to check out the article!

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