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Business As Usual During the Coronavirus Outbreak with Zero Touch Business Intelligence

Access all your business intelligence processes and information from wherever you are, on a single centralized cloud metadata platform.

Well before this coronavirus pandemic, zero-touch or remote work had already been revolutionizing the way businesses operate. Organizations and their workers are turning to this form of work- a.k.a. remote work from home – either as a mandatory employer request or a voluntary option to prevent further spread of coronavirus.

As of March 5th, the Seattle offices of Amazon, Facebook, and Microsoft encouraged employees to work from home in the state of Washington. And not only has Apple updated its sick leave policy, but it has also closed its retail stores outside of China in efforts to maintain workers’ health. Google parent company Alphabet recommended that all employees in North America, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East work from home.

So far, the impact of the coronavirus on enterprises worldwide is unprecedented. The global economy will likely lose some $1 trillion in 2020 due to the coronavirus epidemic, according to the UN Trade and Development Agency.

But fortunately for those data supply chain professionals in the BI & Analytics space working on the cloud, it’s business as usual. When so many organizations are still managing their data environment with on-premise systems, automated tools make it possible to work remotely, without having to physically be in the office to get the job done. 

Ensure every member of your business continues serving your customers using “one language” by establishing an automated business glossary. It encourages business collaborations, increases reporting accuracy, and frees up BI and business users’ time, so they’re able to focus on things like developing new models for the business, also using the same set of defined terms.

Businesses have more data than ever to manage, find, and match. You need faster insights to keep charging ahead in your BI discovery work. Persist in making connections, looking at data from different angles, noticing patterns. Perform manual discovery tasks 80% faster and with much higher accuracy using automation. Automated data discovery frees up BI professionals to work toward greater levels of business insights from the data. 

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Automated data lineage streamlines data mapping processes to comply with regulations, swiftly upgrade or execute system migrations, and cut down on reporting errors. Whether you are choosing to work from home or actually under medically-advised isolation, your BI lineage mapping processes are easy and quick via automation. Continue to conduct root cause analysis, ETL impact analysis, and other procedures from accessing the cloud.

If you had an on-prem solution, you’d be in trouble right now. Hosting an on-site server and requiring people to be in the office physically just isn’t possible in many circumstances around the world. But with automated metadata management on the cloud you can continue working, no matter the changing conditions in a pandemic situation.

If you’ve not had time before now to cope or prepare for this pandemic, working remotely is still a productive, efficient option for both employers and workers. Remote systems on the cloud have been helping many BI professionals manage their workload of hectic projects, schedules, and juggling their personal lives and families, too – enabling work from home when permitted by company policies.

In summary, no matter your work from home or office situation, Octopai on the cloud encourages productivity, efficiency for business intelligence. Automated business glossary, automated discovery, automated lineage together offer a powerhouse of remote working business intelligence tools. As a toolbox, the platform streamlines your metadata, keeping your business compliant, reporting accurately, improving business decision-making, and more.

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