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BI Professionals: How Your Work Is About To Change In A Major Way

The field of business intelligence is about to go through a major change – but will you be ready for it?

For so long, metadata management in BI reporting has been plagued with errors and inaccuracies. You know the routine: the CEO finds an inconsistency in a report and calls you in to find out why this happened. What caused this? You already know that this task, like many before it, will take the BI group weeks to complete. This one might not require you to hire outside talent to supplement the BI group’s efforts, but for many larger projects estimated to require months of work, organizations are often forced to bring on additional manpower to help map out all the company’s different systems in order to find what is needed. This is of course super costly, and even after months of all this manual work to locate the exact calculation or table within the specific report required, at the end of the day we are only human and we still see inaccurate results which make it more challenging for organizations to do anything useful with the information they have.

With the emergence of a centralized, cloud-based metadata management platform, that is all about to change. Octopai, enables visibility and control of metadata, helping BI groups to:

  • Discover all related ETL processes and tables used to produce a report, with one click
  • Compare multiple reports to show specific metadata items
  • Fix the problem much faster with all metadata centralized in one place
  • The search is simple, accurate and effective

Octopai was created by former BI professionals fed up with using silo-based tools. Octopai is an innovative, automated platform that enables BI groups to quickly and precisely discover and govern shared metadata, which dramatically increases productivity and shortens time to market while reducing risks incurred by inaccurate data.

The question is, why not move into the new age of metadata management? You can see a free demo or have a call with Octopai to learn more about how this new tool can revolutionize your workspace.

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