Metadata: Information About the Data

What does commission mean? What is an address? Is that a shipping address or billing address? In order to answer these types of questions, you need a business glossary – but that takes too much time and manual work. That is, until the Automated Business Glossary came along.

Octopai’s CEO discusses the importance of Metadata and Business Glossaries

For many years, everybody talked about data and data, even today. In the past couple of years, even from security issues, people are looking at more than the data. The information about the data, which a lot of companies understand it as metadata or different facets of metadata, has become more important in the past couple of years. Without the information about the data, you cannot understand what the data means.

We’ve been asked by clients to help them understand what’s the difference between a customer and a client. Some business users are using clients in their report. Some business users use customers on their report. What does customer mean? Is that different from client? Without understanding the definition around clients or customers, you might look at different datasets that might lead you to take wrong decisions. This happens every day.

What does commission mean? What does state mean? Is that the US state or a German state? What is an address? Is that a shipping address? Is that the billing address? In order to be able to approach the problem by answering the question of what’s the difference between a customer and a client, you need them to be managed in something called business glossary. The problem is that creating a business glossary takes a lot of time.

It’s a lot of manual work, so people don’t do that. They are in this vicious cycle of not doing things that they know that they need to do, and Octopai automates all of that for them with a click of a button. Finally, they can get an automated business glossary.

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