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What are the migration options for Netezza customers?

Enterprises must migrate from Netezza to a new IBM product called IBM Cloud Pak for Data System or select another data warehouse solution such as Redshift, Snowflake, Azure, Presto, Google BigQuery. Such software are all considered newer, modern BI tools that are faster, more scalable, and require less maintenance. Many companies still need to make the shift from Netezza to a modern BI tool even now, a year after Netezza’s official end of life.
For companies still struggling with their Netezza migration, the first step in preparation for BI migrations is to clean up the environment. This involves a process of simplifying data and clarifying dependencies to avoid future data conflict and storage issues. 
One best practice is to remove any unused, inaccurate or obsolete data. But the main concern before migrating is to ease the migration process by migrating only the necessary data. Octopai works with companies that are dealing with Netezza migration issues by providing old and new environment views in one screen so determine whether all your data made it across.
Companies moving from Netezza to a new tool should ask themselves the following to ensure a smooth migration process.
-Which reports are to be migrated from the old tool to the new tool?
-How do we build a new ERD (entity relationship diagram) without duplications or old
-How can we reduce report duplication? 
-Are there any scheduling commands that should be rescheduled? 
After migrating from Netezza to a modern BI tool, you must verify that all your data is in fact in the new system. You can check easily with Octopai’s automated, modern BI platform which allows you to check apples-to-apples.