Data Lineage for Azure Data Factory

Octopai + Azure Data Factory = Empowered Data Management

Whether your enterprise is already using or migrating to Azure Data Factory, Octopai has your data landscape covered for day-to-day tasks like smart pipeline creation and management, ensuring data quality, root cause analysis, impact analysis, regulatory compliance, and so much more.

Octopai’s automated data lineage for Azure Data Factory is unique because it provides:

Octopai + Azure Data Factory = Significant Resource Savings

On top of the unprecedented lineage, Octopai also provides time and cost savings to enterprises migrating to and/or using Azure Data Factory.


Savings during a data migration to Azure Data Factory:

Octopai’s automated data lineage, including comprehensive column-to-column lineage, traces the path of your data objects both back to their source and forward to reports or other targets. This comprehensive visual mapping of the objects, assets, pipelines and processes across your data systems eases migration to Azure Data Factory by enabling you to:

Savings during Azure Data Factory use:

Azure Data Factory uses a “pay-per-usage” pricing model for all capabilities, from pipeline creation and orchestration to data flow execution and debugging. By providing you with the full picture of how data flows through your pipelines and across your data landscape, Octopai enables you to be much more focused and efficient when setting up new data pipelines and modifying existing ones.