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NEW: Octopai Announces Support of Microsoft Azure Data Factory


Octopai is the first BI Intelligence Platform in the Industry to Support Azure Data Factory, Providing Full Lineage of Advanced BI Tools

Tel Aviv, Israel – January 19, 2021 – Octopai, the leader in Automated Data Lineage and Discovery, announced today its support of Microsoft Azure Data Factory as part of Octopai’s continued commitment to empowering organizations and their data users with advanced intelligence of their BI environments. Octopai is the first BI Intelligence platform to analyze Azure Data Factory in hybrid BI environments, providing automated data lineage and discovery and will continue to announce the early support of more platforms as part of an overall strategy to have one centralized view of the entire BI landscape.

“We are delivering on our promise to turn data into remarkable outcomes by continually providing full lineage of advanced BI tools,” says Amnon Drori, CEO of Octopai. “Data complexity is booming and BI teams have less room for errors and need to respond faster without compromising on quality or accuracy. Octopai automates the process of data lineage and discovery so that companies can capitalize on their data within moments, ultimately increasing the bottom line.” 

With Octopai’s support and analysis of Azure Data Factory, enterprises can now view complete end-to-end data lineage from Azure Data Factory all the way through to reporting for the first time ever. This is done by visualizing the Azure Data Factory pipelines’ full column-level with source-to-target traceability through different data transformations at the most detailed level. This thorough analysis provides a comprehensive 360-degree view for BI teams in less than seconds, a process that previously would have taken hours or days. 

Octopai can fully map the BI landscape and trace metadata movement in a mixed environment including complex multi-vendor landscapes. Whether your organization is using on-prem or cloud-based systems, or a combination of the two – Octopai’s enterprise-scale cloud-based BI Intelligence platform allows BI teams to speed analytics projects, achieve greater agility, and reduce risk. Octopai’s cloud-based offerings hasten data delivery and allow full automation to dramatically accelerate the entire BI data lifecycle.

In addition, Octopai’s BI intelligence platform improves cross-team collaboration and optimizes metadata and data management by centralizing visibility of the entire BI landscape without the need of independent skill sets for each BI tool. With Octopai’s end-to-end, cloud-based BI Intelligence platform, BI groups can realize the full potential of their data and massively improve productivity and ROI to enable better and efficient projects and thus optimizing business results.

About Octopai:

Octopai was founded in 2015 by BI professionals who realized the need for dynamic solutions in a stagnant market. Octopai’s SaaS solution automates metadata management and analysis, enabling enterprise BI groups to quickly, easily and accurately find and understand their data for improved operations, data quality and data governance. The company was recognized as a Gartner Cool Vendor for Data Science and Machine Learning in 2018 and their investors include North First Ventures, Gefen Capital and iAngels.

Complete End-to-End Data Lineage From Azure Data Factory through to Reporting
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Complete End-to-End Data Lineage From Azure Data Factory through to Reporting
Automatically, In Seconds. Want to See How?
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