Get Control of Your BI Landscape with Octopai – Now Supporting Azure Data Factory


Octopai is now supporting and analyzing Azure Data Factory, becoming the first BI Intelligence platform in the industry to do so.

For the first time ever, enterprises can get the most complete end-to-end data lineage from Azure Data Factory through to reporting, automatically, in seconds. Not only that – you can also view column-to-column lineage within ADF.

Whether your enterprise is using on-prem or cloud-based systems or a combination of the two, Octopai has you covered.

So if your BI group is struggling with manually tackling:

  • Impact analysis  
  • Root cause analysis 
  • Answering those pesky auditors’ demands
  • Achieving regulatory compliance 
  • Migrating to ADF
  • All the many other day-to-day BI tasks…

Then automated data lineage and discovery aren’t a “nice to have.”

Nope, they’re a “must-have.” 

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