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How Remote Data Teams Are Winning in Times of COVID-19

The COVID-19 crisis has resulted in a rapid alteration of our economic landscape. Businesses around the globe have been forced to reassess the way they conduct their operations, even if their methods have been in place for decades.

Some business intelligence professionals are not only contributing to their organization’s survival during these difficult times; they are actually helping it thrive. How? Some data teams working remotely are making the most of the situation with advanced metadata management tools that help them deliver faster and more accurately, ensuring business as usual, even during coronavirus.

Smarter Business Intelligence is an Asset During Uncertainty

With the spread of COVID-19 altering the way companies do business, it’s difficult for leaders to assess their next move. Industries once considered stable and dependable, such as hospitality, air travel, and the financial sector are scrambling to figure out how to manage these new challenges.

BI is now more important than ever. Being able to utilize the data your company already has in storage is as important as processing new data. While dealing with these new challenges is a big responsibility for data processing teams, it’s also an opportunity to advocate for the implementation of tools for:

  • Improved business planning
  • Modeling in uncertain situations
  • Impact analysis
  • Root-cause analysis
  • System migration

Organizations that never felt a need for advanced BI & analytics now may understand the value in the services offered through BI data mapping platforms.

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Remote Work Requires BI Intelligence

Social distancing responses to the coronavirus crisis have accelerated the previously upward trend of working remotely. Companies that already connected specialists from around the world are now dependent on core staff members working together, but now only in a digital space.

However, this virtual workspace comes with its own set of security and communication challenges. The sudden migration to videoconferencing as the standard mode of staff interaction has revealed inadequacies in some of the most popular platforms. One of the biggest video meeting software providers, Zoom, has recently come under intense scrutiny over holes in security network, resulting in action being taken by the FTC.

These tools are not only limited by previously unnoticed security vulnerabilities. The networks these tools utilize have been strained by an unheard-of jump in usage. In December of 2019, Zoom had 10 million users. By April of 2020, that number had reached 200 million. As companies rush to scale their networks to accommodate this new traffic, communication breakdowns are inevitable.

For remote BI & Analytics teams to be able to deliver quickly and accurately in today’s work-from-home reality, they must have access to their metadata on the cloud and not be hindered by on-prem systems that prevent them from doing their jobs in a timely fashion.

Automated BI Intelligence Solves Remote Work Challenges

These aren’t the only challenges presented to a remote workforce. New divisions between teams and offices can result in information becoming isolated in ways it wouldn’t have been before.

Traditional workplace teams and information sharing may be leaving crucial data unreachable without even realizing it. While simple collaboration tools are a valuable method for completing remote work, they are often not able to keep pace as information and systems accumulate. These new challenges make the use of best practices for business intelligence even more vital.

BI reporting systems analyze data and reveal missing or damaged information before it affects data quality. Automated data discovery and data lineage tools work in tandem to help data teams find and make sense of their data, and keep the business on the same page. They can make quicker and more accurate, informed decisions based on the best available data.

Remote Data Management Can Position Companies for Success

The right set of automated BI metadata management tools not only simplifies remote work challenges. It also makes it possible for your enterprise to survive this current economic setback.

Now more than ever, you need the best suite of automated business intelligence tools available to drive your business decisions. Get complete control of your data flow and put it to work today for the best opportunity to thrive during the COVID-19 crisis. Octopai’s BI platform will empower you.

Automated Metadata Management on the Cloud
The Secret to Success During COVID-19
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Automated Metadata Management on the Cloud
The Secret to Success During COVID-19
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