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EDW 2018: Octopai Heads to San Diego

Are you going to be at Dataversity’s Enterprise Data World 2018 this year?

Octopai will be! We’re heading to San Diego, California from April 22-27 to take part in EDW 2018 – the most comprehensive data management conference in the world , where 1000 of the world’s top data experts, thought leaders and industry will get together to talk about all things data. Sound too good to be true? Well, it’s real and it’s less than 4 weeks away!

Here’s what you can expect at EDW 2018:

This six-day conference kicks off each year with in-depth tutorials, then continues throughout the week presenting hundreds of hours of educational content driven by leading industry experts, finally closing with our signature two-day workshops.

The distinguished speakers for these presentations share their case studies, experiences, and knowledge about various topics including Data Governance and Stewardship, Data Architecture, Modeling, Metadata Management, NoSQL and database technologies, Data and Information Quality, Business Intelligence, Analytics, Data Science, Big Data and Enterprise Information Management, and much more.

Octopai at Enterprise Data World 2018:

We’ll have a booth at the event and welcome visitors so please do come and introduce yourself. Aside from the exhibition portion, Octopai’s CEO Amnon Drori will be presenting on Wednesday, April 25th “In Perspectives” session on the topic “Metadata: A Strategic Imperative for Data Management”.

You can check out our whitepaper on the topic too.

During his talk, Drori will address how successful navigation through data is key in today’s data-driven world. With metadata scattered throughout many systems, BI groups must use multiple, cumbersome tools that often require customization and special development to locate the data items they’re looking for. They end up putting loads of valuable time and effort into manually tracing the data journey, and often end up with inaccurate and unreliable reports.

The emergence of an easy-to-use, automated, centralized metadata governance solution is imperative and essential to move efficiently throughout the data journey and data value chain. Octopai’s technology retrieves the metadata directly from these BI systems and places it on a centralized, cloud platform giving BI groups the ability to make changes quickly, find metadata, see full data lineage, build new business processes or fix faulty reports in a fraction of the time that it would take to manually complete this task.

*Looking for a tool that enables full data lineage in seconds?

*Going through a major project (M&A, cross organization change, migration)?

*Looking for an automated solution to govern metadata?

*Keen to double your BI group’s capacity with automated metadata management?

*Interested in enabling your business to move faster?

*Looking to gain better insights to understand the data movement process?

BI groups are spending more than 50% of their time manually mapping the data journey. This is inefficient and unproductive. Octopai automates the tracking of the data movement process so that BI groups no longer have to struggle to find the data they need to drive the business forward.

About Octopai

Octopai is a machine learning-based, SaaS product, that enables organizations to find their data and track its movement process in seconds by automatically discovering, centralizing and analyzing cross-platform metadata. The automated data mapping tool enables the BI group to not only locate their data instantly, but to see everything about their data from where it originated to any changes it underwent to where it is headed. It truly couldn’t be easier.

Octopai adds days to the lives of BI professionals who are struggling to wrap their heads around how insane it was to be wasting so much time on manual mapping. And the best part of all: This data mapping software will help you become GDPR compliant.

Would you like to hear more?

Drop us a line, get in touch to schedule a meeting at Enterprise Data World, or visit our booth #406. We can’t wait to see you!

Check out Octopai at Dataversity’s DAS event in Chicago last November!

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