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Octopai Captivates at ITxpo & DAS

From Sunny Barcelona to Snowy Chicago, Data Professionals are Wow’ed by Octopai’s Automated Metadata Management Platform

Dataversity’s Data Architecture Summit in Chicago was exactly what we were after

Octopai flew across the Atlantic to chilly Chicago to participate in the first annual Dataversity Data Architecture Summit for 4 days of conference intensity. This was a very focused event, packed with 300 top notch data professionals looking for insights and new technologies in the data architecture space.

Data management and enterprise architecture thought leader, Donna Burbank of Global Data Strategy, chaired the Chief Architects Panel entitled, “May You Live in Interesting Times” during which the speakers spoke about prominent pain points in the industry as well as new technologies that are addressing them. Automated metadata management of course being one of the most exciting.

We also heard from industry thought leaders April Reeve on the components of Data Lake Architecture and Michelle Goetz on leading trends in Data Architecture. They were both very excited to learn about Octopai, and reinforced just how relevant we are today for BI groups.


Amnon’s session, “Metadata Management Doesn’t Have to be Painful” was hands down the biggest highlight of the whole two weeks as 85+ data architects filled the auditorium, totally engrossed with Octopai.  You can listen to a similar version of Amnon’s session by clicking here to access our webinar. BI groups everywhere should understand the critical role of an automated metadata management tool, especially when it comes to understanding data lineage, and becoming GDPR compliant. Leveraging metadata is key.

There was major noise around the Octopai stand throughout the duration of the summit as data architects, analysts and developers came by to see how the platform works and discuss relevant use cases. The feedback was all extremely positive.

Another highlight was Erwin‘s announcement about its strategic cooperation with Octopai – a significant step forward for both organizations, as well as BI groups everywhere who will gain massively from a suite of critical data management tools. Stay tuned for more on this partnership…

Gartner Symposium ITxpo, Barcelona

Octopai kicked off the trade show season in Barcelona at the Gartner Symposium & ITxpo. Along with 10 other early stage startups from around the globe, we were part of the ITxpo’s Emerging Tech Pavilion which attracted loads of CIOs interested in getting a first look at some of today’s freshest IT technology solutions.

Metadata management automation is of course a hot topic, especially with GDPR looming, and Octopai’s platform excited attendees and analysts who instantly understood the massive savings for BI.


Octopai CEO, Amnon Drori captivated CIOs in Barcelona with his deep dive into our product and how it transforms the way BI works.

November was an insanely exciting month for Octopai and we are eager to follow up with everyone who expressed interest in our product. We look forward to hearing from more data professionals who need help leveraging their metadata for data lineage and reporting issues.

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