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Data Governance Winter Conference 2018, Here We Come!

Whether your company is just getting started with data governance and data stewardship, has well-established systems and practices in place, or something in between, the Data Governance Winter Conference is THE place to be this December. Will you be there?

As a leader in automated metadata management, discovery and data lineage for BI, Octopai will be making its way down to Florida to partake in what is poised to be the premier data governance event of this year!

The focus at this year’s five-day Data Governance Winter Conference will be how to start a data governance and stewardship program, how to attain data governance maturity, as well as how to improve your company’s information quality. The conference will also touch on the challenges of data governance in the financial industry.

Octopai’s CEO Amnon Drori will be presenting on Wednesday, December 5th in the Data Governance Solutions session Metadata Governance: Empowering BI with Automation & Analysis.

Drori will address how metadata is a critical factor when a company is implementing data governance strategy and supporting tools. He will also speak about:

– Visibility and control of metadata is everyone’s problem: use cases
– Without metadata, data governance can’t really happen
– The ongoing struggle for BI the team
– Automation of metadata management significantly boosting BI efficiency

You can check out our webinar, The Missing Link in Enterprise Data Governance – Automated Metadata Management as well.

Octopai will also have a table at the event and we’re excited to meet conference guests so please do come by and introduce yourself at Table #2. If you’d like to schedule a meeting ahead of time, you can contact us here.

What else can you expect at the DGW 2018?

Participants will be able to network and learn from the experts in the field. There will be in-depth, interactive tutorials and workshops, real world case studies, a two day data stewardship seminar and a two day seminar on “Ten Steps to Quality Data and Trusted Information.” There will also be sessions designed for professionals experienced in data governance and data quality as well as ones geared towards beginners.

The featured speakers at the conference will share their case studies, experiences, and knowledge about various topics including Operationalizing Data Governance, Best Practices for Implementing a Data Catalog, Tips for GDPR Compliance, Data Governance Maturity Models, Overcoming Resistance and Roadblocks, and more.

About Octopai
Octopai is a machine learning-based, SaaS product, that enables organizations to find their data and track its movement process in seconds by automatically discovering, centralizing and analyzing cross-platform metadata. The automated data mapping tool enables BI groups to not only locate their data instantly, but to see everything about their data from where it originated to any changes it underwent to where it is headed. It truly couldn’t be easier.

Octopai puts an end to the frustration of BI professionals who are struggling to understand why they are wasting so much time on manual mapping. And the best part of all: This data mapping software will help you become GDPR compliant.

Want to learn more about Octopai?

Drop us a line, get in touch to schedule a meeting at Data Governance Winter 2018, or visit us at Table #2. We hope to see you there!

Is your organization Octopied?

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