Endpoint Client Developer

What are we looking for?

An experienced Endpoint Client Developer to develop Octopai’s groundbreaking Client technology for enterprise companies and for the BI world!


  • Build BI systems metadata extractors/scanners to enrich Octopai’s Client portfolio
  • Implement and consume REST APIs according to the best practices
  • Maintain and develop Client Installer to support multi-platform installations and upgrades
  • Optimize application for maximum performance, troubleshoot and enhance
  • Align Client application with Organization CI/CD processes
  • Collaborate with front-end developers, back-end developers, and product managers
  • Adjust to Octopai’s Agile process including Sprints, Scrums, Workflows, and Retrospectives


  • 3+ years of proven work experience as an Endpoint Client Developer
  • Experience developing complex applications and BL, preferred using C# language
  • Proficient understanding of cross-platform compatibility, Windows and Linux
  • Knowledge in Agile and CI/CD processes with GIT/Jenkins/Jira or equivalents
  • Vast experience implementing Client/Server APIs, impersonation


  • Experience in HTML/CSS/JavaScript
  • Familiar with the BI world – a huge advantage
  • Experience building Electron/Node.js Clients

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