DataOps Engineer

Octopai is looking for an excellent and talented Data Analyst/ Engineer to join the Octopai team. The DataOps Engineer will help Octopai to operate its data by creating the environment and processes needed to efficiently manage data and derive value from analytics. This includes various day-to-day activities, from reducing development time and improving data quality to providing guidance and support to data team members.


  • Collaborate with support engineers to improve the Octopai application.
  • Create the environment and processes needed to efficiently manage data.
  • Reduce development time and improve data quality to provide guidance and support.
  • Plan, create, and maintain data architectures while also keeping them aligned with business requirements.
  • Increase data reliability, and automate manual processes, such as data extraction and testing.
  • Test at every stage of a pipeline to increase productivity while reducing errors. This includes unit tests (testing separate components of a data pipeline) as well as performance tests (testing the responsiveness) and end-to-end tests (testing the whole pipeline)
  • Reduce waste and improve data flow. This involves continually striving to reduce wasted effort, identify and correct gaps, and improve data development and deployment processes.


  • Proven track record of at least 1 year as a DataOps Engineer.
  • Ability to work in a startup environment, team player, excellent interpersonal & communication skills.
  • Proven experience with SQL.
  • Excellent English, both spoken and written.
  • Creative and out-of-the-box thinking.


  • Familiar with data systems and the BI domain.
  • Experience with SaaS solutions
  • Familiar with ETL / ELT processes

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