5 Cloud Migration Pitfalls to Avoid with Data Lineage

5 Cloud Migration Pitfalls to Avoid with Data Lineage

More than 70% of cloud migrations fail. A cloud migration strategy is a complicated process and to attain success companies must ensure the selection of the right solution. The major pitfalls that delay the migration dream can be avoided by implementing good practices during the migration process and strengthening the strategy. In this webinar, you […]

The Benefits of a Data Catalog with Built-in Data Lineage

Do these questions sound familiar?​​​ What does this data represent? Where is this data coming from? Who is responsible for this data? How can I use this data? Why is it taking me so long to get answers to these questions so I can effectively use the data? If so, be sure to check out […]

Maximize the Value of Data with Advanced Data Lineage and a Data Catalog

Enterprise data management as an essential business requirement has emerged as a priority for many organizations. While trust in data is likely the main concern for enterprises, not every tool can provide the same level of certainty and confidence. Data usability is another important factor to consider when applying an EDM system. Cross-system, multilayered data […]

Perform Enterprise Conversions at Scale with Data Lineage Automation

Today, large-scale data conversions are often combined with a migration to the cloud, giving the enterprise a chance to also modernize their data pipelines. Watch the webinar to hear from our expert panel as they unpack some of the challenges and solutions to consider when planning a sea of change in data pipelines. This webinar […]

Automated Data Catalog Demo: The 3 Must-Haves for Every Data Catalog

Check out the latest demo of Octopai’s Automated Data Catalog, part of Dataversity’s Data Catalog Demo Days. Find out what the most important components are to any data catalog when you want to provide your data citizens with independence in understanding and locating up-to-date data they can trust, enabling fast and accurate business decisions. 

How Octopai is Changing the Way Data Teams Work

Hear from Octopai customer Thulisile Mlambo of Investec South Africa talk about how Octopai’s data intelligence platform is helping the data team gain visibility into the data landscape and enabling users to trust their organization’s data – both crucial to the success of any data team in finance.

You Can’t Have Best-in-Class Governance without Best-in-Class Lineage

Without a complete and accurate understanding of how data flows throughout the organization, it is extremely difficult to establish the processes and metrics necessary for a successful data governance program. Best-in-class data lineage that provides multi-layered views of the data (cross-system, end-to-end and inner-lineage) plays a critical role in knowledge transfer, issue identification, information on […]