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What is SQL mapping?

In order to create queries between a client program and the database, SQL statements are utilized. These statements provide users with the ability to manipulate a huge amount of data extremely quickly. SQL (Structured Query Language) is essentially the language that enables database servers to both query, save and edit your data. Companies utilize SQL as an easy way to find and manipulate the data and information that is contained within their databases. It also helps create and change new data tables.

In general, data mapping is when fields are matched from one database to another. This process benefits data management and facilitates smoother data integration and migration. In terms of SQL mapping, you are able to check if certain tables exist, read all columns of a table and see the relationship between the different tables.

When you define the mapping, you are able to publish certain data service functions, for instance: SQL objects. SQL mapping is connected to various reporting platforms, including (but not limited to): Microsoft Access, different Java applications, SQL Explorer, Data Tools Platform and Crystal Reports. By accessing these reporting tools, you can easily find information from data services utilizing SQL queries. This helps you compare different data sets and gain a better understanding of where the data exists.