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Automated Data Lineage: The Quickest & Easiest Way To Do Data Mapping

How much time are you spending on manual data mapping? And how much time are you investing in other manual data procedures such as data discovery? By and large, business intelligence (BI) teams are not satisfied with their current data lineage capabilities, as evidenced by their routine struggles: a steady backlog of requests for days or even weeks topped by pressure from executive management. But BI professionals don’t have to suffer when taking advantage of automated data lineage solutions.

Automated Data Lineage

Of course, business users and intelligence professionals alike need the delivery of information to be achievable in a certain time frame. When reliant on manual procedures, sometimes reports or procedures just can’t get done at all due to the length of time required, or otherwise, they are prone to human error, time-consuming, and cumbersome. This is when automated data lineage saves the day, literally.

Do you want to finish work in time for happy hour? Automate your impact analysis and root cause analysis.

Poor data lineage and discovery often create problems when difficulties arise tracing through to the correct source or challenges abound in finding patterns across multiple sources. The solution to such problems is automated BI intelligence – a comprehensive platform that includes automated data lineage, data discovery, and business glossary. 

An automated metadata management solution, the answer to BI problems, is what provides complete visibility into the data flow and enables BI & Analytics teams to have full control over their data. Even further, automated tools ease the migration process.

Stop drowning in data prep. Grab an automation life jacket to support system migration.

Every business needs to cull through its data before migration or system upgrade, by narrowing down reports, ETLs, jobs, and clearing out all the data “clutter,” so as not to move old junk to a new system. Data preparation takes time and effort on limited time and resources. 

Automation eases the intense data preparation work and saves an enormous amount of time investment that’s necessary for any system migration. In addition, enterprise users can access the same centralized data from any location on the cloud. 

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Data mapping is done in hours instead of days.

Anecdotally, BI professionals spend a hefty amount of time working on data lineage use cases such as impact analysis and root cause analysis, which could be happening as much as 400 times per month.

Some data professionals report it takes them more than a few weeks to conduct impact analysis and find all reports and processes throughout their entire environment impacted by a particular field requiring a change. Octopai empowers users with visual maps that are comprehensive in their ability to explain data from various angles and to trace a data point from source to endpoint.

With an automated metadata management platform, data lineage is another box checked on your to-do list, amongst automated business glossary and automated data discovery. Get it all done in time, and feel like a BI superhero! 

80% faster data lineage?! Seriously?

Yes, automated data lineage delivers data fast. What used to take 2 hours for data lineage, takes a few seconds using Octopai’s data lineage functionalities. Automation for metadata management becomes really valuable as some enterprises have users across BI, business, and IT departments, and every person has to spend days, weeks on each task. All that time adds up!

Automating data lineage and as many metadata management processes as possible not only saves time, but it also makes your business operate smarter. Whereas previously, you relied on manual processes that were open to human error, an automated data management platform such as Octopai provides precision and validation tools so you can be assured of data quality.

Overall, automated data management meets the varied needs of regulators, IT, and business. It allows users to navigate disparate sources and systems with ease and improve data quality by reducing duplicates and errors. It’s self-service, applicable and shareable enterprise-wide. Anyone from a novice to a professional could use an automated metadata management platform, complete with data discovery, data lineage, and business glossary. Virtually no technical knowledge or training is required. 

Octopai’s automated metadata management platform offers on-the-cloud deployment and integration capabilities with many systems.  It is easy to set up and easy to scale, so you can start managing your data better from day one for multiple purposes, including improved management capabilities using data-backed decision-making to compliance and data governance. 

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Trouble tracing your data?
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