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Is your organization Octopied?

With effortless onboarding and no implementation costs, Octopai’s data intelligence platform gives you unprecedented visibility and trust into the most complex data environments.

How to track data lineage with SQL Server?

Unfortunately, SQL Server does not provide any data lineage information. If you want to follow the history, hierarchy, and evolution of your data, you can implement Octopai to overcome this obstacle. Octopai provides you with an end-to-end data lineage solution for SQL Server.

By utilizing Octopai as one of the main tools for your BI team, you can trace your entire data lineage within SQL Server. Octopai allows you to understand your data’s life cycle and how it is all connected. This information helps inform future decisions as well as providing a clear picture of past performance.

Consistency between teams is also improved as everyone will be on the same page. This will reduce errors when working with SQL Server as the process is streamlined and data will be better understood and optimized.

With Octopai’s data lineage capabilities, teams will be able to create a map from SQL Server that illustrates the data’s journey from source to target. Manually this type of work could take days but with Octopai, it is completed in a matter of seconds. This in turn boosts efficiency by 50% through the use of automation. 

Previously, this work may have been completed by an outside source. With Octopai’s implementation, the work can now be done in-house, supervised by your team only. This increases privacy for your company and maintains the integrity of your data. Additionally, all data from SQL Server is now stored on the cloud, accessible for all teams to view.