Multilayered Data Lineage: Understanding Your Analytics Environment from Start to Finish

Data is only meaningful if it is understood, trusted, and used. In today’s data and analytics environments, achieving these goals is more difficult due to the complex and often confusing manipulations that data undergoes before it ultimately ends up in reports and analytics assets. Fortunately advances in data lineage give organizations with messy analytical environments […]

How to Know if You Need a Data Catalog, Data Dictionary, or Business Glossary

Data Catalog, Data Dictionary or Business Glossary

There’s so much confusion out there about the difference between a Data Catalog, a Business Glossary, and a Data Dictionary. Well, we’re here to help clear it all up and help you understand which is right for your organization’s needs and challenges. Watch our latest webinar with Dataveristy during which Malcolm Chisholm, President of Data […]

Octopai Demo

Live Demo November 2021

Watch the replay of the demo of Octopai’s Data Lineage XD and get an in-depth look at the three layers of automated data lineage (cross-system, inner-system, and end-to-end column). Octopai’s Data Lineage XD accelerates: Change and impact analysis Building new processes Fixing reporting errors System migrations and upgrades …and so much more Make sure that your […]

How Advanced Data Lineage Can Improve BI Team Performance

Do your Business Intelligence & Analytics group’s daily tasks usually turn into weeks-long projects? Probably because almost everything is being done manually (fixing broken processes, changes and impact analysis, fixing reports, regulatory compliance, etc.). Watch this technical demo to learn how transforming your manual data lineage with automation can dramatically improve BI performance. You’ll get […]

Boost Analytics and Business Decision Making with a Data Catalog

Are your data citizens challenged with gaining visibility into what data is available, what the data represents and how it can be used? Implementing a user-friendly, automated data catalog can help solve these challenges. But where to begin? Take the first step by watching the replay of our webinar! During the webinar, you’ll learn: How […]

Data Lineage XD – Technical Demo

Get an in-depth, look at Octopai’s Data Lineage XD during this 30 minute technical demo.   See first-hand how XD’s three different layers of automated data lineage enable you to accelerate: impact analysis root cause analysis fixing reporting errors changing a business process regulations compliance …and more   Watch the demo to see what Data […]

Building Trust in Data with Advanced Data Lineage

During this webinar, you’ll hear how advanced data lineage tools used within the BI environment can help business and IT stakeholders do their jobs more effectively and build trust in their data. The webinar explores the following data lineage best practices: Automate unified rollups of end-to-end data provenance, processing, and movement Augment expert assessments of […]