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Multilayered Data Lineage: Understanding Your Analytics Environment from Start to Finish

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Data is only meaningful if it is understood, trusted, and used. In today’s data and analytics environments, achieving these goals is more difficult due to the complex and often confusing manipulations that data undergoes before it ultimately ends up in reports and analytics assets.

Fortunately advances in data lineage give organizations with messy analytical environments an easy way to dig themselves out of this quagmire. In this session, we discuss not just the need for data lineage but the different levels or layers of detail data lineage can offer.

During the webinar, you’ll hear:

  • A brief overview of data lineage and the problems it solves
  • The different layers of data lineage: cross-system or horizontal lineage, end-to-end column or vertical lineage, and inner-system lineage
  • The benefits an organization can expect to receive from these layers of data lineage usage
  • The best practices or considerations when implementing this type of technology

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