White Paper: Find and Eliminate Data Errors with Automated Discovery and Data Lineage

When tasked with manually mapping metadata to uncover inconsistencies in your data, it might seem like a pretty impossible task because you’re going in blind. Discover how you can turn this daunting project into a walk in the park with automation. In this whitepaper we examine: Data correction vs. process correction Root-cause analysis with data lineage: […]

White Paper: The Many Faces of Metadata Management

Read the white paper, “The Many Faces of Metadata Management – From Data Catalogs to Data Governance and BI Operations,” which examines how better metadata management and integration practices can help with BI reporting, analytics, data governance, migration, and regulatory adherence. This white paper digs into:  – Where Metadata Management is headed -Understanding the differences […]

White Paper: Advanced Data Lineage – The #1 Key to Removing the Chaos in Modern Analytical Environments

It’s chaotic. It’s messy. It’s migraine-inducing and enough to make you really, really hate your job in BI. We’re referring to the multiple BI and analytics environments in your organization, which make searching for and analyzing data across many platforms really difficult, if not impossible. This whitepaper examines the capabilities of advanced data lineage and describes how organizations […]