The Ultimate Guide to Data Lineage for the Finance Industry

Being a data professional in the finance industry is something like being in charge of the Information desk at Grand Central Station…during rush hour. Your answers need to be accurate. The stakes are high. The consequences of making a mistake or taking too long are that people are going to lose time and/or money. The […]

What 3 Features Should Every Catalog Have? Download the ebook to Find Out

Do these questions sound familiar?​​​ What does this data represent? Where is this data coming from? Who is responsible for this data? How can I use this data? Why is it taking me so long to get answers to these questions so I can effectively use the data? If so, you probably already know that […]

Enhance Data Value with Multilayer Data Lineage

Enhance Data Value with Multilayer Data Lineage

In this white paper we look at how increasing data visibility through multilayered automated data lineage can: Provide insight into data dependencies across the enterprise Simplify the analysis of root causes for data issues Reduce risks associated with auditing and compliance …and more