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Create an Amazing Onboarding Experience for Employees Using Octopai

Talent retention isn’t the only result of good onboarding, especially in the complex world of business intelligence. Effective onboarding produces more capable employees and does so in a shorter period of time. In fact, a recent Forbes article says companies with an effective onboarding see 54% higher productivity from their new hires.

Creating an efficient onboarding solution isn’t always easy. Octopai’s suite of BI tools has dramatically helped data teams improve the onboarding process for their new hires by simplifying the process and cutting down on the manpower required to get new hires trained.

Automation Makes Onboarding a Breeze

One of the biggest obstacles to onboarding new BI team members is the number of BI systems and voluminous data. Some companies have ten different data systems. Each data system has its own metrics that new employees must familiarize themselves with.

One of Octopai’s customers, a Seattle-based insurance quote provider operating in a data-rich environment, shared that before automating their tools, navigating their complex environment required input from many team members. Octopai’s platform was able to shorten their onboarding process as new hires were able to perform data analysis without the aid of numerous coworkers.

Automated metadata management tools are key to putting these tools at new employees’ fingertips. By integrating processes such as automated data discovery and data lineage, all the data assets team members’ needs can be found in one place.

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Octopai Decreases Training Time

Octopai’s tools are easy-to-use, visual data landscapes designed to assist self-service BI. The platform’s user-friendly nature makes it easier to introduce new hires to processes they need to perform to fulfill the tasks for which they were hired. Instead of enduring a long orientation process, employees can jump in and start to reveal insights about datasets from the get-go.

This was a major challenge for another Octopai customer – a New York-based investment management firm whose reporting officer dedicated too much of her time getting new talent up to speed. Every new hire needed to familiarize themselves with multiple data systems, making onboarding a time consuming and grueling task.

By implementing Octopai’s data visualization platform, orientation shifted from an intensive training process to a simple orientation to the BI platform. This allowed new employees to spend time acclimating themselves to the data environment faster than ever before. They gained the ability to work independently right from the start.

Octopai Offers Benefits Beyond Orientation

The advantages of Octopai’s automated metadata onboarding and process improvement tools don’t stop at orientation. Some of the benefits you can expect to see from your implementation of Octopai’s platform include:

  • Faster access to views of the data landscape
  • Fewer errors
  • Increased speed to knowledge rate
  • More reliable data assessment
  • Reduced data discovery time

In addition to these performance enhancements in your BI intelligence process, shared ownership of metadata facilitates better communication within the company.

Daktronics, a South Dakota-based manufacturer of LED electronics since 1969, saw these benefits as soon as they switched to Octopai for data analytics. After a set-up period that lasted 2 hours (one hour for metadata extraction and 1 hour for training by the Octopai team), they noticed performance increases right away.

Octopai’s customization options helped Daktronics set up an efficient architecture to manage their data stream. By eliminating errors and reducing data discovery time, their data analytics improved by 80% for ten different business intelligence systems.

Octopai Provides Easy to Use Solutions for New Hires and Established Companies

By delivering a proven, easy-to-use BI platform, Octopai can revolutionize the way your business intelligence team interacts with and delivers data analysis. New hires and veteran teams benefit and your company positions itself for success in today’s most competitive markets.

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Enabling visibility and control of metadata that is scattered across the BI landscape

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Enabling visibility and control of metadata that is scattered across the BI landscape