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#BI_Rise: Metadata Management Frustrations End Here

We have a rallying cry for all the tired, the overworked, and the disenfranchised business intelligence (BI) professionals out there: Enough is enough!

You’ve had enough of dealing with tedious, manual workflows. You’ve had enough of spending hours, days, even weeks digging through data sets to find reporting errors. You’ve had enough of living in the stone age of business intelligence operations—and you’re ready to rise up.


If you’re tired of devoting your work life to error-handling and manual data review, then isn’t it time to break your outdated habits and shock yourself out of apathy? Overworked professionals in the Business Intelligence space have options that can make life easier, and it’s time to rise up and put them into action.

See how these BI Professionals react when seeing a demo of Octopai’s automated metadata management and data lineage platform:

Don’t Be a Slave to Your Data

We get how much time is spent each year corralling metadata. Every business has multiple platforms and multiple BI systems working in tandem, and data moves fast across each of these fronts. When errors pop up, it’s up to you and your team to trace the data lineage across each of these systems and find the source of the problem. It’s like finding a single grain of sugar in five different salt shakers with a magnifying glass when new salt keeps being added to the shakers. You’d be crazy if you didn’t feel frustrated and overworked by this outdated system.

BI is a relatively new industry, and it’s no secret that many of the angles are still being worked out. Unfortunately, data management is one that is lagging behind. Companies rush to embrace new value-adding systems without giving enough thought to the maze they’re creating. And of course, it’s left to the BI teams to pick up the slack. But make no mistake, the options are still there. BI automation is here, and once you see what it can do, you’ll never go back.

Reclaim Control of BI Metadata

BI automation enables BI professionals to control metadata in entirely new ways, from data evaluation to error-location to building 360-degree perspectives of the data life cycle. These platforms create straightforward data maps across each system that allow us to pinpoint the exact location of specific metadata. When errors pop up, it’s simple to search the data set and find the inconsistency. Through BI automation, processes that took days now take seconds.

Naturally, this type of efficiency is game-changing for error reporting, but error management is only the beginning. BI automation forms the foundation for future improvements, new processes, and upgrades. It empowers organizations with real business efficiency.

Octopai’s metadata management solution is redefining workflows across all industries. Most importantly, this means we’re easing your exhaustion and frustration at work, and saving you precious time (and your company precious resources).

Say “Enough is enough” to your outdated search methods, and take the first step of joining the #BI_Rise movement – sign up for a live product demo on our website.

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