Enhance Data Value with Multilayer Data Lineage

In this white paper written by David Loshin, President of Knowledge Integrity, Inc.,  we look at how increasing data visibility through multilayered automated data lineage can: Provide insight into data dependencies across the enterprise Simplify the analysis of root causes for data issues Reduce risks associated with auditing and compliance …and more

Do I Need a Data Dictionary, Business Glossary, or Catalog?

BI teams struggle because they need to find and understand the data required for BI delivery, which in so many organizations tends to be a manual process that simply doesn’t scale. With so many tools out there today, how do you know what you need? A data dictionary? A business glossary? A data catalog? Download […]

Advanced Data Lineage: The #1 Key to Removing the Chaos in Modern Analytical Environments

It’s chaotic. It’s messy. It’s migraine-inducing and enough to make you really, really hate your job in BI. We’re referring to the multiple BI and analytics environments in your organization, which make searching for and analyzing data across these many instances really difficult, if not impossible. This whitepaper examines the capabilities of advanced data lineage and […]

Find and Eliminate Data Errors with Automated Discovery and Data Lineage

We get it – you’re sick of all the manual mapping required to sort out inconsistencies in your data. You’re sick of going in blind to find and fix errors. But most of all, you’re sick of that feeling that you’ve been asked to do the impossible. Be sure to check out this whitepaper to […]

Metadata Blending: Automating Data Lineage Views

Business Intelligence (BI) cannot fulfill its namesake (i.e. intelligence) without validated information about the data used for reports and visualizations. Simply pushing data of any kind and any origin into a dashboard yields attractive graphs of no particular value to decision makers and analysts. Without trust in the data, which comes from knowledge and validation […]

Metadata Management as a Strategic Data Imperative

More data doesn’t necessarily mean more insights unless you KNOW what data you have. Easier said than done, right?  In this whitepaper Octopai CTO Gal Ziton and Data Science Leader Dan Yarmoluk explain why an easy-to-use, centralized metadata governance solution is essential to navigate efficiently throughout the data journey.