Use Case: Migrating BI Systems Doesn’t Have to Be the End of Us

Migrating BI systems is no simple feat and requires endless amounts of  manual work in order to lay the groundwork for an efficient migration. Hear how automated metadata management is a game-changer in this tedious process.

Find out what Octopai’s Customer Success Manager has to say about Migrating BI Systems

Say you’re on a BI team that’s now migrating one of your systems, BI teams are migrating systems all the time, how do you go ahead and map out everything that needs to be migrated or, more importantly, everything that is useless in your data warehouse just taking up tons of space, and you can actually get rid of.

Octopai, through its lineage and discovery module, helps you map out your entire landscape, understand what’s going where, which tables aren’t even being used, which processes are completely useless and you can get rid of them, and within the process of migrating, actually understand what’s left to migrate, what still needs to be done.

Using the lineage module, you can see how data is flowing into the different reports and into the different tables ultimately. You can see a dead end. You can see processes that are populating tables that are not being used, that are not being consumed, they’re reaching dead ends, so you can see exactly what needs to be cleansed out of your data warehouse before you go ahead and migrate to a new place. Migration, as you know, can take many, many months, and using the lineage to map out and scope exactly what you need to do is going to reduce that time tremendously.

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