The Automated Business Glossary – Company-Wide Consistency in Seconds

Most will agree that a Business Glossary is a critical document to keep everyone in the business on the same page. But organizations rarely end up building a business glossary as it can be an enormous undertaking. Automation changes all of that.


Find out what Octopai’s Business Manager has to say about the Automated Business Glossary

In today’s world where there’s more and more data coming down the pipe and self-service is becoming a real reality in most organizations, more and more organizations are trying to implement a business glossary. It’s a great thing to do, of course. However, most organizations don’t realize the amount of effort that’s involved in implementing a business glossary.

If you can imagine that you’ve probably got thousands, tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands of different fields, all of that information needs to be entered into a business glossary about who, what, when, where the business descriptions is about it and so on. Most organizations, although they try to implement or look to implement a business glossary, will most of the time fail because they don’t realize how much manual work is involved not just in implementing it. Then, all of that needs to be maintained on a daily, weekly, monthly basis as things change.

What we’ve done at Octopai with our capabilities and automation, we’ve actually been able to create the only business glossary in the industry that is automatically implemented. What that means is with little or no effort on your end, you can actually have a business glossary that is implemented and then maintained for you automatically on a daily, weekly, monthly basis, saving loads and loads of manual work that would otherwise have to be put to the test.

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