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Perform Enterprise Conversions at Scale with Data Lineage Automation

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Today, large-scale data conversions are often combined with a migration to the cloud, giving the enterprise a chance to also modernize their data pipelines. Watch the webinar to hear from our expert panel as they unpack some of the challenges and solutions to consider when planning a sea of change in data pipelines.

This webinar will dive into:

  • Adopting a conversion factory strategy
  • Leveraging pre-built accelerators and data analysis dashboards
  • Accelerating the process using entity resolution via machine learning algorithms, intelligent recon, and audit technique
  • Shedding light on data pipelines, and the interdependence of each data asset with data lineage to ensure that all potential impact is assessed and resolved proactively

The expert panel includes:

  • Fred M. Cohen, Executive Vice President Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance, Intelliswift
  • Sanjay Kalra, AVP, Digital Engineering, Intelliswift
  • Nissim Yves Ohayon, Director, Global Business Development, Octopai
  • Jim Halcomb, Moderator, Head of Product Management, EDM Coun