Ongoing data oversight and control

Proactively find and fill data quality gaps before going to production

With Octopai, you can resolve data quality issues that lead to unreliable data, poor decision-making, substandard data products, negative customer experiences, costly and lengthy resolution times, compliance risks, and even potential data loss.

Why data leaders choose Octopai
to enhance data quality

Ongoing data quality oversight and control

Octopai streamlines the process to trace, identify, and resolve data issues

Reduction in Manual Work

Octopai automates investigations and data flow analyses

Confident and Informed Changes

Octopai simulate and validates every change before implementation to ensure stability and accuracy

Continuous Validation and Documentation

Regularly validate data and keep detailed records of all changes to promote accountability and transparency

Strategic Alerts and Prioritization

Octopai enables data teams to identify critical issues before production and prioritize actions based on their business impact

Enhance decision-making and ensure compliance to achieve better outcomes through improved data quality

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