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Top 10 Data Lineage Podcasts, Blogs, and Magazines

Data lineage is an essential tool that among other benefits, can transform insights, help BI teams understand the root cause of an issue, as well as help achieve and maintain compliance. Through the use of data lineage, companies can better understand their data and its journey. Incorporating data lineage into an organization’s strategy can make a huge difference when it comes to making accurate business decisions and having a handle on the information they already possess. In addition to simply utilizing the tool, there are many resources that explain how to better understand the lineage and correctly apply these findings. We have identified the top ten sites, videos, or podcasts online that deal with data lineage.

Our list of Top 10 Data Lineage Podcasts, Blogs, and Websites To Follow in 2021

Data Engineering Podcast

This podcast centers around data management and investigates a different aspect of this field each week. Within each episode, there are actionable insights that data teams can apply in their everyday tasks or projects. The host is Tobias Macey, an engineer with many years of experience. Currently, he is in charge of the Technical Operations team at MIT Open Learning. The particular episode we recommend looks at how WeWork struggled with understanding their data lineage so they created a metadata repository to increase visibility.

Agile Data

Another podcast we think is worth a listen is Agile Data. Throughout each episode, hosts Shane and Nigel discuss how to incorporate agile techniques when teams deliver analytics, data, and visualizations. Topics they chat about include: going serverless, data layers, and how to adapt for a “BI Lifecycle.” The episode that centers around data lineage runs through what exactly data lineage is, and why and how people should use it.

A-Team Insight

The content on A-Team Insight covers financial markets and the way in which technology and data management play a part. This site offers expert knowledge and articles geared towards decision-makers in investment management firms and investment banks. Specially, they offer a Data Lineage Knowledge Hub which goes into detail and provides insights and relevant resources.


An excellent resource for all things data, Dataversity creates educational information for organizations and IT professionals. With articles and opinion pieces from leaders in the data management world, this resource holds a wealth of knowledge. Specifically, when it comes to data lineage, experts in the field write about case studies and different approaches to utilizing this tool. Among many topics, they explain how data lineage can help rectify bad data quality and improve data governance. 

TDWI – Philip Russom 

Phillip Russom is the director of TDWI (Transforming Data With Intelligence) Research for data management and he oversees many services, events and research-centered publications. We have had the pleasure of partnering with him for webinars and he always brings a new perspective and interesting insights. One of Russom’s articles to note looks at the role data lineage plays when it comes to modern data management. By fully understanding the origin and flow of data, strategy and business plans can be transformed.


This site not only defines tech-specific jargon but also offers insightful articles from IT experts. Techopedia follows the latest trends in data and provides comprehensive tutorials. The topics they feature include: big data, technology trends, data management, online privacy, security, personal tech, IT business, and cloud computing. In terms of data lineage, they offer an excellent definition here

Malcolm Chisholm

Malcolm is President of Data Millennium and an internationally-recognized expert in the fields of data management and data governance. He has partnered with us several times in the past and as you will see from his talks, he is an excellent speaker. On his LinkedIn, he posts interesting articles, insights, videos, and webinars related to all things data. In addition to his LinkedIn presence, Chisholm shares his data management wisdom on his Twitter

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Solutions Review

Solutions Review writes about the newest breakthroughs in enterprise technology and they present different solutions companies can utilize.  WIthin their data and analytics category, they report on business intelligence, data integration, and data management. The information they feature is up-to-date and constantly refreshed with the latest technology or tools that companies have rolled out. In addition, they include lists of vendors and platforms to try out and any new players entering the space. 


CMSWire features daily updates in the areas of: digital customer experience, digital workplace technological tools, and trending developments in intelligent information management. Written by their team of contributors, business techniques and digital advancements are discussed. Within the topic of data lineage, they have compiled articles that discuss upcoming and current technology, partnerships between companies, and data management strategies. 


EWSolutions is run by data experts and consultants who help companies work on their strategy and competitive edge. They offer a course called “Data Management University” which teaches organizations how to better handle their data management, supported by data lineage. Within this section of their site, there are many resources and blog posts that cover topics such as data quality, data governance, and data security.

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Automated Data Lineage is a Must Have for BI & Analytics
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