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Why is BI data lineage important?

When it comes to BI, accurate data lineage is critical to the company’s success. In order to create the most effective insights, BI teams need the correct data. If an error exists in the data, BI teams must be able to track the source of the problem. With automated data lineage in place, BI professionals can automatically pinpoint where the data encountered a dead-end or roadblock. This leads to more informed insights and better results for the company’s future strategy. By understanding the entire flow of the data from source to target, BI teams can work more efficiently and spend effort where it truly matters. 

In addition to understanding the root of errors, data lineage assists in impact analysis and migrations. Since data lineage illustrates the data’s full journey, BI teams can better understand what type of impact different changes will make on the data as a whole. They can also investigate discrepancies and see where the data veered off course. Automated data lineage expedites the impact analysis process and also makes migrations much smoother. By viewing all of the data in one singular platform, BI teams can sift through the data and see what is worth migrating, what they should archive, and which datasets can actually be deleted. This leads to a cleaner and faster, with only the most relevant data migrated from one system to another.