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What are the main features of data catalog software?

Data catalog software is essentially all of the data generated by a company’s various departments and systems, put into one central place. Within the catalog, you can store all of your metadata information. The catalog allows data professionals to collect, organize, access, and enhance metadata to reinforce data governance and discovery.
The catalog allows you to add new metadata, as well as keep the original without merging the two. The data placed in the catalog is then paired with key details about the data. This can include profiles, personalization information, or data lineage complete with any associated notes. This will show the hierarchy of the data and if it was altered at any time. This is helpful for any audits or migrations performed by your company in the future.
All data is categorized in such a way that it is straightforward for everyone on your team to understand. By using data catalog software, collaboration between departments is improved since the process of sharing data is much smoother.
Additionally, the catalog is fully searchable so you can instantly find a specific detail with just a click of a button. The way that the catalog is designed is to provide both a comprehensive view of the data as well as to allow specific pieces of data to be easily found. 
In terms of automation, data catalog software is completely scalable and supports automatic loading. This means that updating the catalog happens within a few seconds. A data catalog is an essential tool for every organization and greatly benefits the data and business intelligence teams.