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How do you do data mapping in SQL Server?

Data mapping is a method of ensuring that fields match when data needs to be moved from one database over to another. SQL Server is Microsoft’s flagship relationship database management system and is an excellent option to perform data mapping.
To perform data mapping in SQL Server you first must define the data that will move. This includes any tables in the data, as well as the fields inside them and the format of the fields once they have been transferred. Align source fields with destination fields and code data transformations.
Perform a test by deploying a test system on a sample of data pulled from the source. Transfer the data while noting any issues and adjusting to facilitate a successful movement of data later. Once the data transformation is working, schedule the migration or integration.
Once the data mapping process has been performed assign maintenance duties and make the data map available for any future data integration projects. Data maps should not be thought of as one-off projects as changes in reporting, systems and regulations could require upgrades to be performed.